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    Here you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about us, our activity and our wirde range of services. 

    Does Indecober have some/any capability with Aluminum?

    Yes. Indecober has a lot of experience with Stainless Steel and with low machinability materials. 30 years of experience, together with the machining multitechnology philosophy allows Indecober to extend their product portfolofio to other raw materials as Microalloy Steels or Aluminum. 

    Which machining procesess are applied in Indecober?

    Indecober applies a multitechnology philosophy, where the most suitable process will be applied to your project based on different aspects as: Volumen, geometry, requirements….Our CNC Centers, CNC Lathes and Transfer lines provides a wide flexibility and capability. If we find out that our technologies can be improved, Indecober has the experience and Knowledge to develop new processes to optimize the results. 

    What about different products or sectors beyond the automotive industry? Is Indecober’s activity only limited to the automotive market?

    Definitely not. Our History, no doubt, is linked to the automotive Industry buy we have developed our co-creation, design and developments skills that can be applied to any other sector demanding high quality standards and optimal processes.

    Which are the averaged batch sizes in Indecober?

    Indecober always applies  the most suitable technology to every single project. Our lines, redundant and fully automated, are optimally designed for batches up to 10.000units. However, as we know that every single project has different characteristics, let us know your details and we will make a detailed feasibility study.

    Which kind of raw components are machined by Indecober?

    We have a wide experience with the design, process automation and machining of different raw materials: Stamping, Forging, Casting, Sintered and fine blanking. However, we do not have any restrictions. In case you have any doubt, let us know and we will make a detailed feasibility study of your project. 

    Has Indecober any assembly or auxiliary capability?

    Yes. Indecober has a wide network of partners for any auxiliary operations that are required. We assume the full responsibility of the final quality.

    Which are the advantages of Indecober?

    We strongly believe in a Customer-Centric Strategy. Our model is based in Flexibility, Automation, Multitechnology,  co-creation, shareholders’ commitments, Industry 4.0, sustainable growth, reliability and financial health….but our final goal is only one: We fulfills our customers’ needs, we make them more competitive and we growth together in the long term with them.